Starting From $14.95 for 6″

Economy Plastic Cups

These will vary in size from 6” to 15”, and can come in a variety of colours – most commonly Gold followed by Silver, with some limited featured colours thereafter.

From $20.95 for 6″

Economy Series Euro Cups

These cups begin introducing some metal components in the bowl, with marble bases giving them heavier weights overall. The bowls tend to be smaller, and made up of taller narrow plastic pieces to add height. Overall, these are a good introduction to cups that are meant to feel a bit more impressive, while still maintaining budget constraints.

There is a wide range of styles, shapes and colours, and go up to 13.5” in height.

From $53.95 for 9″

Classic Series Euro Cups

The Classic Series line of cups tend to be the start of the more impressive cups. The small stem section is plastic, with a weighted marble base and large metal bowl. These cups are put together with a rod and screw, and as such the bottom of the bowl is not suitable for holding liquids.

This series is available in both gold and silver, and up to 18” in height!

From $53.95 for 9″

Nickel Plated Cups

Our premium Heavy Weight nickel plated cups are our most prestigious line. Made of solid cast metal, the inner bowl is one forged piece that is suitable for celebrating with liquids – as we frequently get asked!

These prestigious cups can also accommodate direct engraving into the bowl, making them a perfect option for those wanting to create a long term legacy award for years of tradition to come.



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