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More than just a ring, a legacy. Tell your story through Coronation Recognition’s custom championship rings. Celebrate every victory, forever. From coast to coast, we’re inspired by the triumphs of Canadian champions, and we’re here to create personalized rings that capture the heart and spirit of your achievements.

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Close-up photo of a custom championship ring designed by Coronation Recognition, showcasing personalization options for Canadian champions

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Tell Your Canadian Victory Story:
Design Your Personalized Championship Ring

Our custom championship rings add a touch of prestige to every milestone. Crafted for uniqueness, our rings are ideal for making your special moments stand out. Explore our Customized Championship Rings at Coronation Recognition. These rings are available in elegant Gold, Silver, Bronze, and classic Black, catering to sizes 8-10, suitable for team members across all age groups. Personalize them with your team’s name, logo, or specific tournament achievements. We offer a preliminary rendering service to visualize your ring before production. With a lead time of approximately one month, we invite you to contact our sales team today to initiate your custom ring order.

A close-up of sample a personalized championship ring with a brand logo and engraved text. title: Coronation Recognition Personalized Championship Rings Sample caption: Capture your team's victory for eternity with a personalized championship ring from Coronation Recognition. Choose from a variety of styles, metals, and customization options to create a ring that truly reflects your achievements. description: Celebrate every victory with a personalized championship ring crafted just for you! This close-up photo showcases the exquisite detail of a sample custom ring, featuring a prominent Coronation Recognition logo proudly displayed alongside personalized engraved text. Imagine capturing your own triumph in a timeless masterpiece like this, designed with your team's colors, chosen metal, and a message that tells your unique story. Coronation Recognition offers endless possibilities for customization, ensuring your ring becomes a cherished symbol of your achievements. Explore our website today and start crafting your legacy!
Close-up photo of the sample side profile of a personalized championship ring featuring a detailed trophy engraving on it. title: Coronation Recognition: Celebrate Every Victory with Personalized Championship Rings caption: Elevate your achievements with Coronation Recognition's custom championship rings. This stunning design showcases intricate trophy engraving, perfect for commemorating any victory. Craft your dream ring and wear your legacy proudly. description: Tell your story through a one-of-a-kind championship ring from Coronation Recognition. Our expert design team works with you to create a ring that reflects your unique achievements. As seen in this close-up photo, our intricate trophy engraving captures the spirit of triumph in exquisite detail. Choose from a variety of metals and customization options to design a ring that is truly yours. Visit Coronation Recognition today and start crafting your legacy.
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How to order with coronation rec?


Reach out to us by dialing 604-273-3220 or filling out the form with your specifications. Our team is dedicated to helping you craft your personalized championship rings.


Receive a sneak peek of your customized championship rings, courtesy of our expert design team. You can request modifications to ensure they meet your expectations.


Your customized rings will be delivered promptly to your location, ensuring they arrive in time for your event. Enjoy a seamless experience throughout the process.

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Champions’ Choice: What They Say About Coronation Recognition Custom Rings

Let our champions inspire you: Read their reviews and start designing your own winning moment with Coronation Recognition.

Wow, the championship rings we got from Coronation Recognition are just stunning! They really capture the spirit of our team’s big win here in Canada. Every time I look at my ring, I’m reminded of that incredible moment and all the hard work we put in. They went above and beyond to ensure that we were delighted with the final product. These guys in Richmond BC really know their stuff  – our rings are perfect!

Samantha Smith

Let me tell you, Coronation Recognition did us proud with these championship rings. They’re not just rings; they’ve got our sweat, our tears, our victories in every detail. It’s like reliving that final winning moment every time we put them on – absolutely worth it. And every time I see the team wearing them, it’s a clear reminder of the hard work and dedication that brought us to the top.

Joseph Harps

Coronation Recognition made it super easy to get our basketball championship rings. They showed us preview renderings first, which we loved. It made sure the final rings were exactly what we wanted. And man, did they nail it! We really wanted something to remind us of  our incredible season. These rings aren’t just a symbol of our win! They are a solid reminder of a season we dominated.

Fred Moon

Western Canada’s
#1 Choice for Customized Championship Rings

Start creating your Customized Championship Rings with only a 50% deposit. You’ll pay the rest only after your rings are finished. We’ll show you a detailed preview of your ring’s design before we start making it, so you know exactly what you’ll get.

These rings are more than prizes; they’re lasting symbols of your accomplishments, made to be valued for a long time. Need help choosing the right design? Our friendly sales team is ready to help. Just email us at for personalized support to make your experience easy and satisfying.

Celebrate Every Challenge, Every Triumph: Choose Coronation Recognition Rings

Coronation Recognition crafts unique and affordable custom championship rings, tailored to your specific needs. More than just trophies, our rings are lasting symbols of achievement, designed to capture your story and celebrate every triumph.

Custom Championship Rings – Make Victories Epic

Forget the ordinary awards – ignite unforgettable moments with personalized championship rings designed just for your event.

We’ll weave your story into unique masterpieces, featuring your colors, logos, and even your own artwork.

Picture the proud smiles and awestruck stares as your champions flash these one-of-a-kind symbols of victory!

From Vision to Victory, Your Custom Ring Journey

  • Tell your story: Logos, colors, themes – we collaborate to weave your event’s spirit into a stunning ring.
  • See it come alive: Within days, a virtual render brings your masterpiece to life for feedback and adjustments.
  • In 30 Days, your custom rings will arrive, ready to ignite celebrations and crown your deserving champions.

Customize Rings for Kids, Adults, and Everyone!

Forget boring awards and spark envy! Design championship rings as unique as your story, crafted in gold, silver, bronze, black – you choose!

Watch the pride as your champions raise these one-of-a-kind symbols of victory. We fit every champ, from kids to adults.

Get a free quote! Make your event legendary with  personalized rings that tell a story

Your Vision, Our Craftsmanship. Let’s Create Rings that Last. We’re Committed to Excellence, Providing Superior Customer Service and High-Quality Custom Championship Rings.

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Frequently asked questions

Rings are generally ready to pick-up at any one of our 3 local Lower Mainland stores or to ship in approximately 30 days from sign-off of your initial render.
Pricing varies primarily on volume for your order. Most of our rings are made to suit within the standard pricing table, looking for something extraordinary? Speak to our sales team to chat more
Rings are made from an alloy material in Bright Gold, Bright Silver, Bright Bronze, and Black finish.
Rings weigh approximately 75 grams each! Said another way – they feel impressive on your hand!
Rings come in 3 sizes. Size 8 which we recommend for kids orders (8 and under), size 9 for recipients aged 9-17, and size 10 for 18+. Keep in mind, what fits one person’s ring finger will comfortably fit on someone else’s pinky!
After you fill out your inquiry form, our sales team will prepare a pro-forma invoice for your review. From there, we will collect a 50% deposit to start the order, with the balance due at completion of the order.
Yes! Within one mold you can mix and match the finished colour, and the total style will dictate your pricing.