Starting from $48.95 each

Glass Awards

Glass awards tend to be our most popular sellers offering both an array of Jade Glass Awards that are a budget friendly option, to clear glass that offers a prestigious award at an economical price point.

These awards are laser etched to reveal a frosted engraving into the award. The awards come with a presentation box to ensure for both safe transport, but also adds flare when being presented!

Starting from $84.95

Crystal Awards

The most prestigious awards in the category, Crystal awards offer an option that is optically stunning. The pieces tend to be larger and boast nicer designs than standard glass awards, and a visual appeal that’s hard to match. The quality of crystal allows for an etch that is more clear and sharper than traditional glass awards.

As an added benefit, these awards also come with presentation cases.

Starting from $77.95

Acrylic Awards

These awards offer another option within the category, and provide additional sizes and styles to choose from. One advantage of these awards is that compared to glass or crystal, acrylic is very durable. They are also a bit more versatile as we can produce them with digital colour printing, to create very unique awards beyond the standard etching.

Unlike the glass and crystal, please note that these awards do not come in a presentation box, but we do provide velvet gift bags for each!

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