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Coronation Recognition customized name tags and badges for professionals. Explore Canada’s premier selection. We offer engraved and magnetic tags, badge accessories, and a diverse product range. Prioritizing our customers, we ensure quality and prompt shipping, establishing us as Canada’s top choice for name badges and tags.

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Laser Engraved Plastic Tags

Our Engraved Plastic Name Tags, a favorite among businesses in Canada, are meticulously crafted from a resilient 1/16” laminated 2-ply plastic. These name tags are designed to ensure both aesthetics and durability. They come in a wide variety of color combinations and are laser cut, making custom shapes and sizes feasible. With names and logos engraved directly onto the material, these tags labels promise longevity without concerns of fading or deterioration. This method offers a distinct two-tone look, though it doesn’t support full color.

1” x 3”1-910-2425-4950-7475-99100+
Pin Back$8.00$7.60$7.36$7.04$6.72Contact for Quote
Magnet Back$9.50$9.03$8.74$8.36$7.98Contact for Quote

Lamacoid Swatches

Sublimation Tags

Thinner than our usual plastic badges, these 0.020” aluminum name tags bring the versatility of full-colour printing to the forefront. Whether you opt for White, Gold, or Silver, these tags are more than just identification tools—they’re brand enhancers. Their popularity isn’t just by chance; they’ve become a staple in businesses looking for an efficient yet stylish name tag solution.

UV Printed Plastic Tags

Embrace the future with our UV Printed Plastic Name Tags. The use of UV ink provides a notable 3-dimensional texture with elevated printing in striking full color. Unlike other more conventional methods, these name tags offer limitless color options. Even more impressively, they allow for precise prints aligned with exact branding and Pantone specifications—ensuring your brand’s visual identity remains consistent and prominent.

We offer a wide range of name tag solutions!

Understanding the value of a personal touch, our name tags are designed to foster genuine connections. Whether you’re searching for engraved name plates, magnetic name badges, printed tags, or name tag accessories, we’ve got you covered. Our range of products is vast and tailored to fit the unique needs of professionals in Canada. From retail to corporate settings, equip your team with products that make every interaction count.

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Your distinctive mark on name tags

Haven’t located the perfect name tag yet? We’ve got you covered. We believe in crafting something that truly resonates with your brand. Need guidance or a unique concept? We’re here to help!

Our dedicated team is at the ready to help you design name badges, metal tags, engraved plates, custom tags, and even magnetic options, ensuring every detail is tailored for your professional setting.

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Reach out to us at 604-359-2996 or fill out the form with your name tag requirements. We’re here to assist, ensuring every identification detail is right for you.



Obtain a preview of your name tag from our dedicated design team. Feel free to make any necessary changes, ensuring your identification sign is exactly how you envisioned.



Once your tailored name tags are prepared, we’re ready to dispatch them directly to your location, ensuring timely arrival for your event or professional use.

Ordering and Timeline

To get started, send along your vector logo files (.AI, .EPS, .PDF are preferred) and our graphics department will send you an initial layout that will serve as your template moving forward! A graphic proof typically follows in 48 hours, and standard name tag production time is 5 business days.

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Frequently asked questions

We offer a variety of name tags tailored to fit every requirement. Whether you’re looking for a classic name badge or a more intricate design, we have the right name solution for you.

Absolutely! We believe every name is unique, and therefore, we provide custom design services to ensure your name tags represent your brand’s identity perfectly.

No rights or special permissions are needed. However, if you have a specific logo or trademark, make sure you have the rights to use them on your name tags.

It’s simple! When placing your order, specify the different name designs you’d like. Our team is here to accommodate more custom designs for diverse needs.

Yes, we do! Apart from name tags, we also provide card holders to keep your tags secure and easily accessible.

Certainly! We understand the need for temporary identification at events. We offer name stickers that are easy to use and remove, ensuring convenience for your event attendees.

The production time varies based on the complexity of the name design and quantity. But rest assured, we prioritize each order to ensure timely delivery.

To ensure longevity, it’s crucial to handle your name tags with care. Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures and keep them clean. If you have a name sticker, make sure to apply it on a clean, flat surface for best results.