Engraving Processes

Here at Coronation Recognition, personalization is what we do best. We have a wide range of equipment across our three locations, to allow for the widest range of possibilities.  

Laser Engraving & Laser Cutting

Laser engraving is one of the most common processes that we use to personalize awards, create signage, and industrial labeling to name a few. We have a variety of lasers with a range of power, with some better suited for cutting soft materials such as wood or plastic, and others that are able to engrave with exact precision. Our engravable area varies by machine, but the most common is 28” Wide x 17” Tall. Generally speaking, most of our engraveable material will come in 24” x 16” pieces. 

Whether it’s engraving Glass, Wood, Stainless Steel, Plastic, the list goes on and on of the capabilities with our laser engraving.

Rotary Engraving

Rotary engraving is the most traditional format of engraving that has been around for decades. Almost exclusively used with metal, this process mechanically engraves into metal such as Brass, Aluminum, or Stainless Steel. The most common applications are for things such as annual trophy plates on older legacy style trophies. 

This application has a very traditional look and esthetic to it, and although it has limitations that prevent things such as detailed logos or imagery, it has a timeless look that remains popular today.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation is a process whereby a specialty ink is heat transferred onto a specific type of material that has a coating to allow for the print to be transferred. This is a very economical way to personalize awards with colour logos, photos, etc. 

Due to the colour transfer process, exact colour matching can be made difficult compared to other processes that we use. For small viewing areas (trophy plates, name tags, etc.), sublimation is great. If you have very particular colour profiles and pantones that are important to maintain, UV printing is the better process to consider.

UV Printing

UV printing is one of the newest formats of digital printing. This process allows you to put physical objects into the machine and onto the print bed, and print directly to them. The print head passes overtop laying down ink, and a UV light follows behind it to cure the ink instantly to the material. Unlike sublimation where the material itself needs to have a special coating, UV printing works with nearly any flat non-porous surface. The print quality here is outstanding, with true to life pantones and exact PMS colour matching. If you’re looking to print a commerative plaque, one-off detailed sign/schematic, or anything else where detail and colours are important, this is the process for you.

Coupled with our laser machines cutting camera, we can print registration marks to later cut complex contour shapes. This opens up all sorts of possibilities such as custom cut signage, unique custom awards, and the like.

Vinyl Printing/Plotting

For large format signs, posters, banners, labels and the like, vinyl printing is the option for you. With this format, we are able to mount a wide range of print media such as adhesive vinyl, canvas, reflective vinyl to name a few. These rolls will generally come in 24” width, with some as wide as 54”. The length can then continually print to hundreds of feet! 

This process allows for things like large format window graphics, banners, equipment labeling and signage, down to the smallest details like product decals or stickers.