How long does it take for an order to be completed?

  • Production time is generally 5 business days from the time we receive your order. Shipping time depends on your location.

What artwork files do you accept? 

  • We accept Vector art files, such as: .AI, .EPS, .CDR, as well as vector origin .PNG/.PDF files. These formats will generally be available by your marketing department, or anyone who has helped with your printing such as business cards, flyers, etc. Should you not have that format, we can re-build the logo and a $50 art fee will apply.

What’s a vector file, and how does it differ from a bitmap/jpeg? 

  • The vector art file is a file that was generally made in a drawing program like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. These formats are made using shapes, and allow us to easily scale the artwork up and down, or changing colours depending on the process (such as black and white for laser engraving). We can easily amend vector logos without loss of quality, whereas a JPEG image is generally read by most software and programs as a block, and not the individual components that made the logo itself.

What are the shipping options? 

  • We offer standard ground shipping via Canada Post. We also provide expedited shipping for an additional charge with Purolator, FedEx and UPS.

How many characters can I fit on a trophy? 

  • Engraving is all flat rated with no additional upcharges based on number of letters or adding logos. That said, 3 lines of text is generally the standard that fits nicely for most awards.

I need my order done faster than the estimated time, how much is it to rush it?

  • Contact our customer service team to discuss when and where you need your items, and we can provide you with your specific rush options.

How does glass/crystal/acrylic look once it’s engraved? 

  • Glass, Crystal, and Acrylic all generally engrave the same way. Acrylic has the ability to etch deeper into the material yielding a more vibrant contrast in engraving, almost white. The Crystal and Glass has a frosted appearance when engraved, as our laser will essentially create micro-fractures in the material. Crystal is a higher quality material that allows for finer engraving with better outcome, but glass will still give you a nice frosted look too!

Does the price include engraving?

  • Pricing that you see includes the cost of personalizing the awards or items that you see!

Do we custom engrave on personal items? 

  • In our locations we do have the ability to engrave customer supplied product, however we do require that a waiver is signed. We take no responsibility or guarantee that the product wl 

Do you sell drinkware with engraving? 

Do you offer quantity discounts on large orders? 

  • Absolutely! For volume discounts, the best bet is to contact our customer service team to put together a formal quote for you, at sales@coronationrec.com.

Do you produce name plates for annual trophies? 

  • We certainly do! Best bet is to take a picture and send it to our customer service team at sales@coronationrec.com who can identify the material, fonts used, etc., to keep your award engraving the same. Plates have a double sided adhesive strip that make for easy installation when we send it back to you.

Do you engrave everything in house, or is it done overseas? 

  • We do our engraving in-house to ensure the best quality when producing your pieces. This includes our Laser Engraving, UV Printing, Sublimation Printing, and Rotary Engraving!

How are the orders packaged?

  • Many of our items can be fragile, so we take the utmost care in putting your order together so that it arrives in one piece for your event! Glass and Crystal awards come in dedicated presentation boxes that serve as nice protectors as well!

How do I apply the plate once I get it, does it have an adhesive back?

  • It’s as easy as a peel and stick! We apply a strip of double-sided adhesive tape that you can peel to place onto your award.

Do I need to bring my trophy in to have the plate made up? 

  • Nope! Simply send a photo along with measurements to our customer service team at sales@coronationrec.com and we will be able to process your order.

I’ve moved away and it’s no longer convenient for me to bring my trophy in, do you keep record of previous orders so I can have the plate mailed to me?

  • Absolutely. We keep electronic records for every order of the production file and material/sizes used. Let us know what you’re after and we can produce a new one to send your way.