• Our 5.63" Economy Plastic Angelo Cup, meticulously crafted in gold, offers multiple base color variants including black, red, green, blue, and a classic all-gold design. Made with high-quality plastic, this trophy is both durable and elegant, perfectly suited for any recognition event.
  • Carbon Fiber Regency

    The Carbon Fiber Regency Plaque, offered in sizes of 7"x9", 8"x10", and 9"x12", is characterized by its sophisticated carbon fiber design paired with precision laser engraving. An excellent choice for commemorating corporate milestones, this plaque boasts a unique texture that enhances the finesse of the engraving. As evidenced by the showcased Unilever logo and the dedicated citation for Walmart, the engraving process delivers unparalleled clarity and detail. With its contemporary and sleek aesthetic, this premium plaque ensures that each engraved message is both striking and memorable.
  • The Grooved Black Ash Laminate Annual Plaque is designed with intricate grooves, available in sizes 12"x12.75" to 12"x18.75" with 12 to 24 plates. Its unique texture and laser engraving make it a contemporary choice for annual recognitions.
  • Flaunting a rich cherrywood finish, this grooved laminate annual plaque is available in sizes from 12"x12.75" to 12"x18.75", accommodating 12 to 24 plates. The laser engraving on the cherrywood provides a classic touch to this modern design.
  • Rosewood Magna

    This Premium Rosewood Magna Plaque, available in 8"x10" or 9"x12", exemplifies superior artistry with its laser-engraved detailing. Crafted to honor outstanding contributions and achievements, the plaque radiates a deep red hue, highlighting the precision of the engraving and making it a distinguished choice for corporate awards and occasions. Displayed is a 'Gold Sales Award', a sample engraving presented to 'Sue Cambell' for her exemplary performance. Note: 'Sue Cambell' is for representation purposes only.
  • Black Piano Magna

    The Premium Black Piano Magna Plaque, with its refined piano finish, is available in sizes 8"x10" or 9"x12". This piece exemplifies elegance and top-notch craftsmanship. The glossy black piano finish enhances the laser-engraved "Outstanding Achievement" accolade, making it a distinguished choice for recognizing exceptional contributions. Whether celebrating an individual's dedication or team milestones, this plaque stands out in corporate events and award ceremonies.
  • Boasting a luxurious rosewood piano finish, this plaque comes in various sizes from 9"x12" to 18"x24", offering between 12 to 60 plates. With gold sublimation, the plaques exude elegance and sophistication suitable for prestigious recognitions.
  • The Black Piano Finish Annual Plaque presents a sleek design available in multiple sizes from 9"x12" to 18"x24" with 12 to 60 plates. Gold sublimation on the black piano finish ensures each acknowledgment is displayed with grandeur and grace.
  • The Rosewood Piano Photo Plaque features a 4"x6" photo frame and comes in sizes ranging from 9"x12" to 12"x15", accommodating 12 to 24 plates. The beautiful rosewood finish complements the laser-engraved plates, offering a sophisticated way to display cherished memories.
  • A sleek design, the Black Piano Photo Plaque offers a 4"x6" photo frame with sizes from 9"x12" to 12"x15" and 12 to 24 plates. Its elegant black piano finish coupled with laser engraving ensures memories and accolades are showcased with distinction.
  • Timber Plaque

    This Premium Timber Recognition Plaque, available in 8"x10" or 9"x12", showcases exceptional craftsmanship with its laser-engraved design. Made for commemorating employee dedication and hard work, the plaque offers a rich wooden texture that brings out the intricate detailing of the engraving, making it a perfect piece for corporate events and ceremonies. Featured is a detailed cityscape engraving and a recognition message for Martha Daniels from Campbell's Foodservice.
  • The Thomas Annual Shield Plaque, available in sizes of 12"x15", 15"x20", and 17.5"x24", is a distinguished acknowledgment piece that boasts 24, 36, and 48 plates respectively. Each plaque is laser engraved for precision and clarity, making every accolade shine.


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