Custom Ribbons & Rosettes

Recognizing accomplishments should be as unique as the achievement itself. At Coronation Recognition, we offer custom ribbons and rosettes, adding a touch of personalization to your celebrations. From school sports days to prestigious pageants, our custom ribbons and rosettes are designed to fit your occasion perfectly.

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Samples of our work

Best Sellers

  • Customizable Flat Award Ribbons in 2"x 8" size

2″x8″ Flat Ribbon

1 to 99100-499500-9991000+
2 X 8$ 0.69$ 0.61$ 0.57Contact for Quote

  • Customizable Eyelet Award Ribbons in 2"x 8" size

2″x8″ Eyelet/Card/Fishtail

1 to 99100-499500-9991000+
2 X 8 Eyelet$ 0.95$ 0.87$ 0.81Contact for Quote

  • Classic White Rosette Custom Award, Adorned with Delicate Design and Tastefully Arranged Ribbon
  • Simple Blue and White Custom Rosette Award, Subtle Blue Accent Ribbon Styling
  • Striking Red and Black Custom Rosette Award, Featuring Captivating Patterns and Expertly Layered Ribbons


1 to 2526 to 199200+
101$ 3.72$ 3.48$ 3.30
133$ 4.44$ 4.20$ 3.96
145$ 5.04$ 4.80$ 4.56

Custom & Personalized Ribbons and Rosettes for Your Special Events

We specialize in crafting personalized ribbons and rosettes, including unique designs such as first place ribbons. Our goal is to create custom pieces that reflect your style and make your event truly memorable.

If your order totals over $300, shipping’s on us. We’re here to keep things easy and convenient for you.

Your ideas + our expertise = an incredible combination !

Our Reviews

We are committed to delivering excellent customer service and high-quality Ribbons & Rosettes

I had to get ribbons for our school sports day and tried out Coronation Recognition on a friend’s recommendation. The quality was impressive, and the kids especially loved the special rosettes. Thinking of using them for our next events.

Jason Taylor

We’ve worked with Coronation Recognition a few times now for our non-profit’s ceremonies. Always impressed with the quality of their ribbons and rosettes. They get it right every time.

Sophia Davis

Got some custom rosettes for our company celebration from Coronation Recognition. They were well-made and everyone appreciated them. Will recommend.

Liam Martin

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If you haven’t found exactly what you’re after or need assistance in choosing the right solution, we’re here to help. Contact our sales desk today and one of our dedicated team members will be delighted to assist you in crafting a custom ribbon order that perfectly suits your event!

Why Coronation Recognition?

Coronation Recognition makes unique and affordable Ribbons & Rosettes to match your specific needs.

Celebrate with Ribbons & Rosettes

Ribbons and rosettes have a long-standing tradition in recognising success and participation. They serve not just as rewards but as keepsakes that carry memories of accomplishments and milestones. Our custom ribbons and rosettes can elevate any event, whether it’s a local track meet, a city-wide sports event, a beauty pageant, or a high-profile equestrian competition.

Customized Ribbons, Expert Craft

We offer a variety of lengths, sizes, and color combinations, ensuring that every piece we create is as unique as the event it’s meant for. Taking personalization to the next level, we can create dies of your logo for uniquely branded ribbons. This results in awards that are unmistakably tied to your association or event, providing a classic recognition symbol that your recipients will appreciate and cherish.

Economical Solutions for Large Scale Recognition

Ribbons and rosettes offer a cost-effective way to provide recognition on a large scale. Perfect for events where numerous participants are acknowledged, they allow organizers to appreciate everyone’s efforts without breaking the bank.

Clear Pricing, No Surprises

Our standard fees for ribbons and rosettes include a setup cost of $35 for each ribbon style. Any color changes, whether for foil or ribbon, incur a charge of $2.25 each. Additionally, there is an initial die charge of $85, covering custom logos, event artwork, and other specifications. This die fee is a one-time charge, applied when it is first created, and it is retained for use in future orders, ensuring consistency and efficiency for subsequent requests.

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We pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction and promise first class service and exceptional awards.

How to order with coronation rec?


Ready to create something awesome? Reach out to us at 604-359-2996. We’re real people, eager to hear your ideas for your custom ribbons and rosettes.


See a preview of your personalized ribbons and rosettes from our creative team. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure they’re exactly as you envisioned.


Once your custom ribbons and rosettes are ready, we’ll ship them to your doorstep, all set for your special event.

Frequently asked questions

We prioritize quality, using high-grade materials for our ribbons and rosettes. The exact material can vary based on the type and design you choose, but we ensure it meets industry standards for durability and appearance.
Typically, once we have all the details and design specifics, it can take up to 10 business days for processing. Shipping time varies depending on location and the shipping option chosen.
Absolutely! Personalization is at the core of our offerings. You can provide us with your preferred designs, logos, and colors, and we’ll craft your ribbons and rosettes accordingly.
For bulk orders, we offer competitive pricing. The cost may vary based on the design intricacy and quantity. Plus, if your order is over $300, shipping is free! For specific quotes, please contact our sales team.
Yes, before proceeding with the final production, we provide a visual representation or proof of how the final product will look. This ensures that the end product matches your vision.
Ribbons and rosettes are made to be durable, but it’s advisable to keep them away from direct sunlight and moisture. If they become dirty, a gentle hand wash should do the trick.
We value community service and education, and offer special pricing for non-profits and educational institutions. Contact our sales team for more details.
Ribbons are typically flat, elongated bands of material, often with inscriptions or logos, given as prizes or used for decoration. Rosettes, on the other hand, are decorative designs or small badges made of ribbon, often presented as awards.
Yes, you can mix and match based on your requirements. Whether you want ribbons for participants and rosettes for winners or any other combination, we can accommodate.
Once your order is dispatched, we’ll provide a tracking number via email. You can use this number to track your shipment and get real-time updates.