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Find unique glass awards at Coronation Recognition. Suitable for all types of achievements and occasions, our glass awards are designed with a compelling blend of elegance and quality. Choose from our extensive range of designs online and find the perfect symbol of accomplishment. Trust Coronation Recognition to bring class to celebrations of success

Note: Our prices include custom design, personalization, and digital artwork proofs. There are no setup charges or hidden fees.

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  • Black Glass Onyx Billboard


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  • Black/Clear Onyx Peak


    Celebrate the zenith of achievement with the 7″ and 7.75″ Onyx Black Clear Peak Glass Award, signifying unyielding dedication and commitment.

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  • Black/Clear Onyx Screen


    Showcase the brilliance of accomplishment with the 7.25″ and 8″ Onyx Black Clear Screen Glass Award, a canvas of success and dedication.

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  • Blue Accent Pillar Glass


    Elevate recognition with the distinguished 9.5″ Blue Accent Pillar Glass Award, a beacon of excellence and unwavering commitment.

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  • Blue Aqua Curve Glass


    Dive into the depths of success with the graceful 8.5″ and 9.25″ Blue Aqua Curve Glass Award, capturing the essence of elegance and accomplishment.

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  • Blue Aqua Rise Edge Glass


    Embark on a journey of achievements with the majestic 8.25″ and 9.25″ Blue Aqua Rise Edge Glass Award, representing the rising tide of success.

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  • Blue Drop Art Glass


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  • Blue Fan Glass


    Celebrate achievements that fan the flames of success with this 7.75″ and 8.5″ Blue Fan Glass Award, a symbol of passion and dedication.

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  • Blue Rounded Peak Glass


    Mark the pinnacle of success with the smooth 7.5″ and 8.5″ Blue Rounded Peak Glass Award, a symbol of ascending achievements and dedication.

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  • Glass Gemstone


    Dazzle your top achievers with this exquisite glass gemstone award, available in captivating colors: sleek black, lustrous blue, royal purple, and ruby red. Choose from two impressive sizes, 7″ and 8″, to honor their monumental accomplishments.

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  • Glass Summit


    Soar to new heights with the Glass Summit award, available in brilliant blue, rich red, or vibrant green. Choose from sizes 9.5″ or 10.5″ to honor peak performances and leadership excellence.

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  • Glass with Aluminum Mountain


    Conquer new horizons with the 7″ and 8″ Glass Award adorned with an Aluminum Mountain, available in colors representing the many facets of success: black, blue, and fiery red.

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