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  • Crystal Wedge


    Honor groundbreaking endeavors with the 6″ and 7″ Crystal Wedge Awards, emblematic of stability, steadfastness, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

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  • Jade Glass Teardrop


    Symbolizing dedication, this jade glass teardrop award is available in 7.5″ and 9″, capturing light and attention gracefully at any event.

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  • 2.75″ Patriot Insert Medal (1.5″ Insert)


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  • Diamond Jade Value Series Glass Award


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    • 12 Award Trophies Per Order
    • 6″ tall goldtone award trophy
    • Looks like an Oscar award
    • Great for birthday party, Award Ceremonies, First Place Prizes, Teachers & Just Pretending
    • Great for award ceremonies, photo booth, Hollywood award cake, Oscar themed party
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  • 4.25″ Blue Cube Art Glass


    Delve into the depths of achievements with our 4.25″ Blue Cube Art Glass award. With its compact design and profound blue hue, this award stands as a symbol of concentrated excellence and unwavering dedication.

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  • Blue Accent Pillar Glass


    Elevate recognition with the distinguished 9.5″ Blue Accent Pillar Glass Award, a beacon of excellence and unwavering commitment.

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  • Rosewood Piano Plaque


    Discover the unmatched elegance of our Rosewood Piano Plaque Collection. Spanning from the intimate 5″ x 7″ design to the commanding presence of the 12″ x 15″, each piece resonates with distinction. With meticulous attention to detail, these plaques offer an array of exquisite finishes – from the understated charm of Black/Gold Laser engraving and the contemporary edge of Black/Silver Laser, to the regal depth of Gold Sublimation and the sleek allure of Silver Sublimation. Ideal for milestones, exemplary performances, or high honors, this collection underscores every achievement with grace and sophistication. Recognize excellence with a touch of luxury.

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  • White Neck Ribbon


    Pristine white ribbon suitable for formal events and ceremonies.

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  • 5″ Red Oval Art Glass


    Revel in the fiery passion of our 5″ Red Oval Art Glass award. This radiant 5″ red masterpiece embodies determination and fervor, making it a fitting tribute to burning aspirations and blazing achievements.

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  • 22″ Silver Annual Cup with Handles on 2-Tier Black Wood Base


    Honor sterling performances with our 22″ Annual Cup in a sleek silver finish, complemented by a robust black base. This trophy mirrors the brilliance and distinction of top-tier accomplishments..

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  • Gold/Red/Gold Euro Series Cup


    Showcase achievements with our 9″-10.5″ Gold/Red/Gold Euro Series Cup. The elegant combination of gold and red offers a touch of luxury, making it perfect for prestigious awards.

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  • Jade Glass Diamond


    Shining brightly in sizes 6″, 6.75″, and 7.5″, this diamond-shaped jade glass award radiates excellence, making it ideal for top-tier achievements.

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