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Discover a wide selection of top-quality trophy cups at Coronation Recognition. Whether for sports tournaments, corporate awards, or academic achievements, our trophy cups are designed to symbolize recognition and excellence. With various styles and sizes available, you can find the perfect trophy cup to commemorate outstanding accomplishments. Trust Coronation Recognition to provide you with the finest trophy cups that signify achievement and inspire greatness.

Note: Our prices include custom design, personalization, and digital artwork proofs. There are no setup charges or hidden fees.

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  • Wreath Euro Series Cup – Silver


    Our Silver Wreath Euro Series Cup, available in sizes ranging from 6″ to 8″, is intricately designed and finished in gold. Perfect for commemorating achievements and celebrating excellence.

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  • Wreath Euro Series Cup – Gold


    Distinguish your award ceremony with our 6″-8″ Economy Series Euro Cup, decorated with a wreath design in gold. A representation of dedication and commitment, it’s made using the finest materials to ensure longevity and elegance.

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  • Victory Series Cold Cup on Square Black Base


    Celebrate momentous occasions with our 7″-14.5″ Economy Plastic Victory Series Gold trophies. Designed with perfection and made using top-tier plastic, these trophies with a gold finish are symbols of honor and triumph.

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  • Silver/Blue/Silver Euro Series Cup


    Elegantly designed, our Silver/Blue/Silver Euro Series Cup ranging from 9.5″ to 12″ is a symbol of accomplishment. The subtle touch of blue adds a unique flair to this exquisite piece.

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  • Silver Nickel Plated Cup with Plinth Band


    Crafted with detail, this Silver Nickel Plated Cup from 9.25″ to 14″ comes with a Plinth Band. The combination of silver finish and the band makes this an exemplary award for any occasion.

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  • Silver Nickel Plated Cup on Round Base


    With a sophisticated silver finish, our Nickel Plated Cup from 9.25″ to 14″ exudes elegance. Paired with a round base, this trophy is a top choice for recognition.

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  • Silver Classic Series Ridged Cup With Handles on Black Base


    Luxuriously designed, our 14″-17″ Silver Classic Series Ridged Cup comes with handles and sits on a black base. Perfect for those looking for a blend of classic and contemporary in award designs.

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  • Silver Classic Euro Series Cup


    Elegantly designed in silver, our Classic Euro Series Cup ranges from 12″ to 16″. Its shimmering silver design ensures your recognition stands out.

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  • Nickel Plated Silver Cup on Black Annual Base


    Illuminate outstanding accomplishments with our 12″-16″ Annual Cup in shimmering silver. Nickel-plated and meticulously crafted, this trophy symbolizes superior milestones and unmatched prowess.

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  • Nickel Plated Gold Cup on Black Annual Base


    Exude timeless excellence with our 12″-16″ Annual Cup in a radiant gold finish. This nickel-plated trophy, tailored for champions, stands as a testament to grand achievements and illustrious victories.

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  • Moment Series Gold Cup on Square Black Base


    Elevate your award ceremonies with our Economy Plastic Moment Series Gold trophies, available in sizes ranging from 8″ to 12″. Made of premium plastic with a striking gold finish, they are a testament to achievement and distinction.

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  • Large Silver Cup w/Handles on Base


    Make a statement with our Large Silver Cup with Handles, available from 9″ to 15.75″. Its shimmering silver design ensures it stands out at any award ceremony.

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