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Discover a wide selection of top-quality trophy cups at Coronation Recognition. Whether for sports tournaments, corporate awards, or academic achievements, our trophy cups are designed to symbolize recognition and excellence. With various styles and sizes available, you can find the perfect trophy cup to commemorate outstanding accomplishments. Trust Coronation Recognition to provide you with the finest trophy cups that signify achievement and inspire greatness.

Note: Our prices include custom design, personalization, and digital artwork proofs. There are no setup charges or hidden fees.

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  • 20″ Gold Annual Cup with Handles on 2-Tier Black Wood Base


    Showcase peerless achievements with our 20″ Annual Cup adorned with gold handles. This trophy, resplendent in its design, pays homage to the zenith of excellence and remarkable endeavors.

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  • 20″ Silver Annual Cup with Handles on 2-Tier Black Wood Base


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  • 22.5″ Gold Annual Cup with Handles on 2-Tier Black Wood Base


    Elevate triumphant moments with our 22.5″ Annual Cup with opulent gold handles. This trophy epitomizes grandeur and is a fitting accolade for accomplishments that stand tall among the rest.

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  • 22″ Silver Annual Cup with Handles on 2-Tier Black Wood Base


    Honor sterling performances with our 22″ Annual Cup in a sleek silver finish, complemented by a robust black base. This trophy mirrors the brilliance and distinction of top-tier accomplishments..

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  • 22″ Silver Annual Cup with Handles on 2-Tier Black Wood Base


    Pay tribute to monumental achievements with our 22″ Annual Cup, showcasing a ribbed design around its slim bowl and elegant, streamlined silver handles. Set on a 2-tier black base, this trophy stands as a beacon of excellence, celebrating endeavors that have raised the bar and set new standards.

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  • 26″ Gold Annual Cup with Handles on 2-Tier Black Wood Base


    Celebrate unparalleled victories with our majestic 26″ Annual Cup adorned with gold handles. A trophy that resonates with magnificence, it’s the crowning jewel for momentous achievements.

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  • Angelo Cup


    Our 5.63″ Economy Plastic Angelo Cup, meticulously crafted in gold, offers multiple base color variants including black, red, green, blue, and a classic all-gold design. Made with high-quality plastic, this trophy is both durable and elegant, perfectly suited for any recognition event.

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  • Economy Gold Cup w/ Stars


    Stand out with our range of 7″-9.5″ Gold Economy Euro Cups, adorned with shining gold stars. Crafted with precision, these cups are perfect for celebrating excellence. Offered in a gold finish, they symbolize prestige and accomplishment.

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  • Economy Gold Cup With Handles


    This Economy Gold Cup from our Classic Series Euro Cup range, spanning from 10.75″ to 18″, is a stunning piece. Its gold finish is perfect for those exceptional achievements.

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  • Economy Gold Cup With Silver Wing


    Our Economy Gold Cup with Silver Wing, available from 10″ to 13.5″, epitomizes triumph and valor. The silver wing accentuates the design, making it a top pick for distinguished awards.

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  • Gold Euro Series Cup With Handles


    Celebrate grand achievements with our 10″-13″ Gold Euro Series Cup, designed with elegant handles. Made with impeccable craftsmanship, it’s perfect for special recognitions.

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  • Gold Nickel Plated Cup on Round Base


    Adorned with a stunning gold finish, this Nickel Plated Cup, ranging from 9.25″ to 14″, comes with a round base. It’s an ideal trophy for those monumental moments.

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